Yonezawa Robot Toys

By | November 24, 2018

yonezawa diamond planet robot toyFounded in the 1950's, the company Yonezawa Toys was one of the largest toy manufacturers in Japan during the post-war era. Yonezawa produced thousands of small tin mechanical and battery powered toys until the early '70s. Their robot toys are known for doing more than just walking. For example, the "Winky" robot walks as its arm swings and a red pointer on its chest meter sweeps back and forth while sparkling action lights up behind its translucent red mouth cover. On the left is the "Diamond Planet" robot produced by Yonezawa in 1960. A seller auctioned off his rare valuable tin robot for a top bid close to $18,000 to an enthusiastic toy collector! This robot features several actions such as being propelled by a key-wind motor, moving chest dial pointer, sparkling red window, and jiggling eye pupils which all give it a comedic personality to the robot. If you are search for a classic Yonezawa toy, take a look at some items that are currently up for bid by sellers online.

All Original YONEZAWA Box Only For Space Explorer Robot 1967 Space Toy
Sale Ends Tuesday Jun-11-2019 19:37:01 PDT

Sale Ends Tuesday Jun-11-2019 21:28:16 PDT

Yonezawa Mr Robot Tinplate Robot SF Toy 1950s Rare Retro Vintage second hand
Sale Ends Wednesday Jun-12-2019 0:38:27 PDT

2Rubber Tracks Nomura Tin Robot Tractor Bulldozer Yonezawa Space Toy Great Price
Sale Ends Wednesday Jun-12-2019 16:45:07 PDT

Awesome Fabulous SILVER Robot ROCKET Space PATROL Motorcycle No NomuraYonezawa
Sale Ends Wednesday Jun-12-2019 16:45:42 PDT

Sale Ends Wednesday Jun-12-2019 19:29:22 PDT

Vintage Convert a Bot Car YONEZAWA 1983 TURBO Trans Bot 3 w Instructions
Sale Ends Thursday Jun-13-2019 16:27:56 PDT

Vintage Yonezawa Space Patrol 2019 Battery Crazy Car
Sale Ends Thursday Jun-13-2019 18:59:57 PDT

Vintage Tin Talking Robot Yonezawa Japan
Sale Ends Friday Jun-14-2019 8:49:09 PDT

Vintage Tin MR ROBOT Yonezawa Japan
$102.50 (2 Bids)
Sale Ends Friday Jun-14-2019 8:56:34 PDT

Vintage 1960s Plastic Space Car Toy YONEZAWA Mid Century Atomic Rocket Robots
Sale Ends Friday Jun-14-2019 10:01:48 PDT

2Rubber Tracks Tread Nomura Tin Robot Tractor Yonezawa Space Toy Great Price
Sale Ends Friday Jun-14-2019 11:53:46 PDT

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