1960s Vintage Robot Toys

By | November 29, 2018

super-giant-robot-toyAnother great decade for classic toy robots in the United States is the Sixties. Toys from this era showcased the great advancement of science and technology, feeding the growing obsession of these mechanical beings among children. During this time period, classic popular Sixties battery operated robot toys include Marx, Taiyo, Horikawa, and other classic brand robots from Japan. If you are shopping  for the classic Robby the Robot toys click here. Collect classic 1960's sci fi robot toys for your collection. Browse through these '60s vintage toy ads from various online sellers and collectors so you can find the most valued bargains available on antique robots today.

Rock em Sock em Robots Classic Box Retro Boxing Fun Toy Game 1966 Mattel Kids
Sale Ends Monday Mar-25-2019 23:01:15 PDT

1960s Alps Japan Television Space Man Battery Operated Tin Toy Robot Tv
Sale Ends Tuesday Mar-26-2019 4:08:07 PDT

Keroyon Space Station 60s Nomura Toy Tin SPACE SHIP Made in Japan RARE
Sale Ends Tuesday Mar-26-2019 7:18:25 PDT

Rare 12 1960S Horikawa Tin Robot Japan Vintage Toy Robot Battery Operated Space
Sale Ends Tuesday Mar-26-2019 14:33:18 PDT

Vintage 1960s Rockem sockem robots by Marx great condition
Sale Ends Tuesday Mar-26-2019 14:40:38 PDT

Vintage 1966 Marx ROCKEM SOCKEM ROBOTS In Game in Original Box
Sale Ends Tuesday Mar-26-2019 16:30:29 PDT

10 OFF 1969 Remco Wizard of Oz Hard Plastic Battery Operated Tin Man Robot
Sale Ends Tuesday Mar-26-2019 18:50:04 PDT

All Original MASUDAYA Space Commando Astronaut Robot Batt Op 1960 + Box Japan
Sale Ends Tuesday Mar-26-2019 19:18:01 PDT

1960s Vintage Japan Super Robot 12 Combination w Funny Action MIB
Sale Ends Tuesday Mar-26-2019 19:25:33 PDT

Ideal zeroid Robot ZoborBase OnlyVintage 1960s
Sale Ends Tuesday Mar-26-2019 20:20:21 PDT

Sale Ends Wednesday Mar-27-2019 8:25:49 PDT

Rare Super Robot Battery Op by YY Toys Made in Hong Kong 1960s New Old Stock
Sale Ends Wednesday Mar-27-2019 8:53:32 PDT

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