Yoshiya KO Toy Robots

By | December 1, 2018

Yoshiya KO Sparky Robot ToyYoshiya was one of the major toy manufacturers in Japan during the 1950's and 1960's post war era. The company stayed in business until the 1970's. It was also known as Kobe Yoko Ltd. and produced several friction, wind-up, and battery powered mechanical toys during their run. Many of their robot toys are now popular with toy collectors. The company branded and trademarked their mechanical toys with their distinct "KO" mark. They manufactured a variation of the Forbidden Planet's Robby the Robot tin wind-up robots called Action Planet or Space Trooper as well as other wind-up toys such as Sparky Robot (pictured on the left side), Venus Robot, Space Dog, and Moon Explorer. Yoshiya toy robots in mint condition tend to resale at a very good price so they make a good investment if you want to expand your classic robot toy collection.

High Wheel Robot KO Japanese vintage tin toy wind up motor Yoshiya WORKING
Sale Ends Wednesday Jan-16-2019 1:41:40 PST

Reproduction Dome for Yoshiya Chief Robotman
Sale Ends Friday Jan-18-2019 8:25:10 PST

Yoshiya High Wheel mechanical walking robot with spinning gears
Sale Ends Friday Jan-18-2019 17:56:51 PST

Yoshiya High Wheel mechanical walking robot with spinning gears and sparks Japan
Sale Ends Friday Jan-18-2019 17:58:43 PST

KO Yoshiya Atom Robot Set of Replacement Arms 3D Printed and Handpainted
Sale Ends Wednesday Jan-23-2019 11:12:06 PST

blue Moon Explorer NEW crank wind robot with TrueReplica Yoshiya graphics box
Sale Ends Friday Jan-25-2019 15:33:30 PST

Ear For Yoshiya Mighty Robot
Sale Ends Saturday Jan-26-2019 15:54:49 PST

Dome For Flying Saucer By KO Yoshiya
Sale Ends Saturday Jan-26-2019 15:54:50 PST

Rubber Hands for Yoshiya Planet Robot
Sale Ends Saturday Jan-26-2019 15:54:52 PST

Wing Cone for Super Sonic Space Rocket by Yoshiya
Sale Ends Saturday Jan-26-2019 15:54:52 PST

Original 1960s SY Yoshiya Tin Windup Space Man Robot
Sale Ends Sunday Jan-27-2019 12:21:42 PST

Sale Ends Sunday Jan-27-2019 13:32:38 PST

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Sparky the Robot in Action!