1950s Vintage Robot Toys

By | October 13, 2018

Mint Robby Robot wind up toyDuring the 1950's, majority of battery operated motorized wind-up tin robot toys were produced outside of the United States by many Japanese toy companies.  When these tin toys were exported to the United States, they attracted a lot of interest from American children.  Because they were able to cheaply mass produce robot toys for Americans, the Japanese toy industry boomed during the 1950's. Many of these tin robots were attached to a wired remote control battery pack that kids can control while others were clockwork tin robot toys that kids would wind up so the little mechanical character would walk or spin to the delight of kids.  Many had moving parts or blinking lights that would make them more exciting for children.  This was an introduction to technology for kids for that era.  If you feel nostalgic for the Fifties, you can now shop for your own vintage Fifties robot toys on sale.

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Sparky Robot 1950s Japan Rare Tin Toy Robot
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Atom Robot Yonezawa Japan 1950s rare tin toy robot from the Golden Era
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1950s ROBERT THE ROBOT in BOX by Ideal Toys VERY RARE Wind Up Version
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2 Ideals ROBERT THE ROBOT 1950s with Original Box And Other Box
$35.00 (1 Bid)
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1950s space whale tin robot tin toy robot
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Vintage Robot and Space Toys 40s 50s 60s 70s Value Reference Guide Book
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Mechanized Robot 1950s Nomura Toy Reprint Version Osaka Tinplate
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Johillco Cherilea Lead Spacemen Figures Vintage 1950s
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2x Man from Mars Spaceman w Ray Guns Irwin Plastics Wind Up Vtg 1953
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Robots tin toys space toy POSTER 34 x 235 with 27 robots from 50s and 60s
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You can collect classic antique wind up toys inspired by your favorite science fiction series. Popular 1950's battery operated and wind up tin toys include Daiya, Marx, Nomura, Yonezawa, Yoshiya and other brand toys made in Japan. Now is a great time to buy and collect these tin robots as more collectors are selling their mint toy collectibles at a very fair price. Review the following vintage robot sale offers from collectors and sellers online and see what kind of deals you can buy online today for your toy collection. Also, review our menu bar on the right for more wonderful classic childhood robot toys from the past!

Nomura Robby Robot
Nomura's "Robby the Robot" Toy

1950s lantern tin robot toy
"Lantern Robot" from the '50s