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By | August 19, 2017

horikawa-attacking-martian-robotThe company Horikawa was one of the most prolific Japanese manufacturers of battery operated tin toys in the industry after the second World War. Their brand are recognized by the company's logo "SH" on their products which includes collectible tin toys such as robots, rocket ships and space stations. Horikawa was so popular as a toymaker during the 1950's through the 1980's that collectors often find unique variations of these collectibles. Many of the designs of these robots are replicated and reproduced today by Metal House which makes battery operated tin robot replicas in limited quantities. Buy and collect vintage Horikawa tin robot toys for sale. Collect classic made in Japan mechanical battery operated toy robots by Horikawa from the '50s, '60s, and '70s. These nostalgic mechanical toys from your childhood will make a great addition to your toy collection. Use our menu to find an assortment of Japanese super robot collectibles.

Horikawa Super TV Robot Japan Lambda I with original box
Sale Ends Wednesday Oct-18-2017 4:09:58 PDT

Horikawa SH Gear Space Robot made in Japan
Sale Ends Wednesday Oct-18-2017 4:10:30 PDT

HORIKAWA 1967 Swivel O Matic Astronaut Robot Battery Operated W Box
Sale Ends Wednesday Oct-18-2017 9:37:00 PDT

Sale Ends Wednesday Oct-18-2017 10:31:46 PDT

Rare Lambda III Robot Battery Oper by SH Horikawa Made in Japan 1970s Box
Sale Ends Wednesday Oct-18-2017 14:32:22 PDT

Battery box For Large Horikawa Robot
Sale Ends Wednesday Oct-18-2017 14:37:05 PDT

Orange Radar Dish for a Space Station by Horikawa
Sale Ends Wednesday Oct-18-2017 14:38:25 PDT

HORIKAWA Swivel O Matic Astronaut Battery Operated Robot With Original Box
$152.50 (2 Bids)
Sale Ends Wednesday Oct-18-2017 19:47:16 PDT

Horikawa Robot Metal House Star Strider Japan Vintage Space Toy Blue
Sale Ends Thursday Oct-19-2017 11:47:51 PDT

Vtg ATTACKING MARTIAN ROBOT Battery Operated Tin Toy Horikawa JAPAN Restore
$80.99 (2 Bids)
Sale Ends Thursday Oct-19-2017 20:14:07 PDT

Horikawa Japan Star Strider AIJI 01 Robot Battery Operated Working MIB Tin Toy
Sale Ends Friday Oct-20-2017 7:54:31 PDT

Vintage SH HORIKAWA Japan Monster Battery Toy Robot Blue Rare New Old stock
Sale Ends Friday Oct-20-2017 11:56:47 PDT

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