Mazinger Z Toy (Tranzor Z) Robots

By | August 27, 2012

Mazinger Z toy robotThe classic cartoon character Mazinger Z was the main robot hero in the popular classic Japanese animation television show during the 1970's created by Go Nagai. This was one of the original super robot series that later inspired several other series and toy lines. The popularity of this character is worldwide, especially in Spanish speaking countries. In 1984, Mazinger Z was introduced to English speaking television audiences in the United States as "Tranzor Z" and became a cult hit with American fans. Even though the violence and storyline were toned down for American children, critics still thought the show was too much for kids so the series did not last long in the United States. However Mazinger Z still has success as a popular toy line. Today, toy collectibles are still made based on this robot for avid collectors by popular Japanese toy companies such as Fewture, Revoltech and Bandai with their popular Soul of Chogokin toyline which produces high quality robots based on Mazinger Z and his most popular sidekicks such as Aphrodai A, Venus A, Mineva X, Diana Ace, and Boss Borot.

Below are popular Mazinger Z toy robot collectibles for sale. New items are listed daily.

Super Robot Chogokin MAZINGER Z CHOGOKIN Z COLOR Ver Action Figure BANDAI Japan
Sale Ends Wednesday Aug-16-2017 21:38:55 PDT

Sale Ends Wednesday Aug-16-2017 22:50:09 PDT

Mazinger Edition Z The Impact Mazinger Z Die Cast Action Figure
Sale Ends Wednesday Aug-16-2017 23:48:24 PDT

Soul of Chogokin GX 01R MAZINGER Z Renewal Ver Action Figure BANDAI from Japan
Sale Ends Wednesday Aug-16-2017 23:53:58 PDT

Kotaro Mazinger Z Ver T9G Seibu Ikebukuro DYNAMIC Australia 50 GO GO F S
Sale Ends Thursday Aug-17-2017 1:39:44 PDT

NEW Hikari Bambi Mazinger Z Sakanatoli unopened From JAPAN F S Regisyered
Sale Ends Thursday Aug-17-2017 3:02:03 PDT

Bandai Soul of Chogokin GX 70 Mazinger Z DC Dynamic Classics Action Figure
Sale Ends Thursday Aug-17-2017 3:08:57 PDT

Soul of Chogokin GX 11MA MAZINGER ANGEL DIANAN A Action Figure Mazinger Z BANDAI
Sale Ends Thursday Aug-17-2017 5:30:32 PDT

NEW NIB Medicom Sofubi Vinyl Shogun Warriors Great Mazinger Z 10 Action Figure
Sale Ends Thursday Aug-17-2017 5:54:49 PDT

Soul of Chogokin GX 70 Mazinger Z DC Figure Model 2017 Bandai 20th Anniversary
Sale Ends Thursday Aug-17-2017 7:12:14 PDT

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