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By | November 25, 2018

popy grendizerDuring the early 1970's, the Japanese toy company Bandai created a toy division called Popy. Although they initially made tin toys such as the Grendizer robot photographed on the left, Popy began to incorporate die-cast metal into their action figure robot toys to reduce production costs during the '70s.  The metal was zinc based and became referred to as "Chogokin" which translates into super metal alloy.  In the late Seventies, Popy exported the Shogun Warriors toy line to the United States.  Mattel distributed these Chogokin super robots under their own brand and packaging.  During the mid Eighties (1984 - 1986), Popy re-released their deluxe version of their robot toys under their brand name "Godaikin" which were basically the same as their Japanese toy counterparts, except for their new American packaging for English speaking toy collectors in the USA.

Below is a list of Popy toy robots from the 1970's and 1980's. Click for additional sales details and shipping information.

Sale Ends Monday Jan-14-2019 16:28:07 PST

Bandai Godaikin Chogokin Laserion 8 Diecast Japan Popy Robot Figure
Sale Ends Monday Jan-14-2019 16:32:10 PST

Gaiking Action Figur Nesser Head No Eye diecast metal PapyJapan PA 86
Sale Ends Monday Jan-14-2019 16:46:18 PST

Bullmark Mekanda Robo Technical Combination Gassin Gift Set DX Box Popy Godaikin
Sale Ends Monday Jan-14-2019 16:49:40 PST

Voltron Weapon Yellow Missile Launcher GB 36 Popy 1984 Original Figure Accessory
Sale Ends Monday Jan-14-2019 17:25:13 PST

F Toys Cando WTM Popy TAKARA AMAZ WEAPON 1 700 P 1000 LANDKREUZER Last One
Sale Ends Monday Jan-14-2019 17:53:07 PST

Takatoku masked kamen rider v3 guitar bullmark popy chogokin bangai yonezawa
Sale Ends Monday Jan-14-2019 18:03:23 PST

F Toys Cando WTM Popy TAKARA AMAZ WEAPON 1 700 P 1000 LANDKREUZER Last One
Sale Ends Monday Jan-14-2019 18:16:40 PST

Popynica Capsule CPA 02 Kamen rider No1 Cyclone 2 Valuable VERY RARE
Sale Ends Monday Jan-14-2019 18:28:06 PST

Attachment for popy DX Combattler V Battle Marine PA 81 Godaikin Combattra
Sale Ends Monday Jan-14-2019 19:15:58 PST

2014 Bandai Saint Seiya Myth Cloth EX Gemini Saga Surplices Popy Chogokin NY
Sale Ends Monday Jan-14-2019 19:34:05 PST

Diorama Tetsujin 28 ironman popy chogokin bandai bullmark mattel shogun warrior
Sale Ends Monday Jan-14-2019 19:38:21 PST

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