Transformers Generation 1 Robot Action Figures

By | November 15, 2014

If you grew up in the '80s, you'll probably remember the classic robot cartoon action series, The Transformers, that ignited the toy robot craze in the United States that fueled the toy and children television industry during that time period. Robot action figures were already popular in Japan, but these toys didn't capture the attention of American children until hit animation shows such as Transformers, Go Bots, and Robotech premiered on television during the Eighties.  Through the huge success of these animated shows among children, the popularity of these robot toys were instantly transported across the Pacific into the United States. The popularity of The Transformers still survive as a new movie franchise, inspiring a new generation series of Transformer toys.

However, some of the valuable original Transformer toys are being found in old toy boxes and they are being sold to collectors online.  Now you have a chance to relive your childhood by collecting original vintage Transformers action figures, known as Generation 1, and add them to your growing toy collection.  Shop below and find your favorite characters like Megatron, Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, Jazz, and Starscream.  If you scroll down further you can see the Japanese Transformers below.


Sale Ends Tuesday Feb-21-2017 20:38:59 PST

Punching Pop MEGATRON Candy Gift Set Transformers G1 Generation 1 Classics 2007
Sale Ends Tuesday Feb-21-2017 21:01:58 PST

Transformers Titanium SCOURGE Generation 1 Style MIB Hasbro 6 inch 2006
Sale Ends Tuesday Feb-21-2017 21:06:26 PST

SKRAM Transformers G1 Europe Axelerators 1993 Generation 2 G2 UK Euro New
Sale Ends Tuesday Feb-21-2017 21:13:14 PST

Transformers g1 mib rub variant unused stickers mint complete
Sale Ends Tuesday Feb-21-2017 21:27:38 PST

Sale Ends Tuesday Feb-21-2017 21:30:57 PST

Transformers G1 Figure Series OPTIMUS PRIME Q Action Figure Eyes Lights New
Sale Ends Tuesday Feb-21-2017 21:43:26 PST

Transformers G1 vintage Diaclone Sideswipe
Sale Ends Tuesday Feb-21-2017 21:57:41 PST

STARSCREAM Transformers G1 Mini Figurine+3D Puzzle Piece 30th Anniversary Goldie
Sale Ends Tuesday Feb-21-2017 22:02:49 PST

Transformers MOSC New Generations JUNKHEAP Deluxe Class Figure Lot Wreck Gar g1
Sale Ends Tuesday Feb-21-2017 22:31:00 PST

Transformers G1 OPTIMUS PRIME Powermaster parts accessories lot vintage
Sale Ends Tuesday Feb-21-2017 22:33:06 PST

1985 Transformers G1 Whirl Null Ray Module Part
Sale Ends Tuesday Feb-21-2017 22:53:58 PST

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If you love the American version of the Transformers, you also want to take a look at these original Japanese Transformers which are also available for sale online. Make sure to read the details for further information on these action figure toys from Japan.

HOBBY JAPAN Magazine March 2015 Japanese Toys
Sale Ends Tuesday Feb-21-2017 20:25:16 PST

MICROMAN 055 JAPANESE BOX SET SEALED MIB micronauts diaclone transformers
Sale Ends Tuesday Feb-21-2017 20:29:03 PST

RD 20 NEST Decepticon Bludgeon Japanese Version
Sale Ends Tuesday Feb-21-2017 20:29:45 PST

TRANSFORMERS Gigantic Action Black Zarak Robot Figure Sentinel Japan Japanese
Sale Ends Tuesday Feb-21-2017 22:51:20 PST

Transformers vintage Japanese G1 Megatron 1986 Instruction Manual Reproduction
Sale Ends Tuesday Feb-21-2017 23:00:51 PST

Transformers vintage Japanese G1 Piranacon Instruction Manual Reproduction
Sale Ends Tuesday Feb-21-2017 23:09:37 PST

Transformers vintage G1 C 105 Japanese MIB targetmaster Sureshot Mint Unused
Sale Ends Tuesday Feb-21-2017 23:19:29 PST

Panzer Blade DX Galient Nippon Sunrise Sansei Vintage Japanese action figure Set
Sale Ends Wednesday Feb-22-2017 0:27:27 PST

Bandai Ultraman X DX Xdevizer Transform Set NZA
Sale Ends Wednesday Feb-22-2017 1:33:57 PST

1986 Takara Transformers Japanese Mail Away Ratchet Boxed Japan Ambulance
Sale Ends Wednesday Feb-22-2017 1:51:53 PST

Transformers Japanese DOTM Deluxe Jolt No Box Card Free Shipping Brand New
Sale Ends Wednesday Feb-22-2017 4:41:22 PST

Transformers Japanese Animated Thundercracker No Box Free Shipping Brand New
Sale Ends Wednesday Feb-22-2017 4:43:02 PST

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For more interesting trivia and comprehensive history of the original Transformers action figure robot toys, watch the following video history on these toys leading to their resurrection in popularity by the success of its theatrical movies.