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By | January 17, 2015

The company Nomura, similar to many other manufacturers in Japan, began in the tin toy industry in the late 1940's after World War II to help reconstruct the economy of their nation. Nomura is famous for their tin robot toys such as Tetsujin 28 aka Iron Man and Astro Boy. In addition, coming off the success of the movie Forbidden Planet, Robby the Robot became a popular toy robot. These productions of battery operated walking tin robots help establish Nomura as hugely popular for its toys during the 1950s and and 1960s. In the early 1970s, the company adopted diecast metal for the production of their toys after Popy had success with their line of die cast toys. During this time, the company acquired the license to produce the Yamato toyline based on the popular animation series in Japan, Farewell to Yamato, which is related to the animation series called Star Blazers in the United States. Today, many toy collectors find nostalgic Nomura's toyline as an attractive investment for their collection.

RARE Robotank Z made by TN Nomura Japan ORIGINAL BOX WORKS VIDEO
$310.00 (2 Bids)
Sale Ends Wednesday May-27-2015 16:20:02 PDT

TN Nomura Mechanized Robot Robby tin toy Japan Original 1957 Batt Op rare
Sale Ends Thursday May-28-2015 6:26:32 PDT

TN Nomura Robot Robby space patrol car tin toy Japan Original 1957 Batt Op rare
Sale Ends Thursday May-28-2015 6:27:29 PDT

Nomura TN Mini Robo Tank TR 2 1960s Japan Rare Space Tin Robot Tank
Sale Ends Thursday May-28-2015 8:37:27 PDT

70s Nomura Diecast Yamato Analyzer Chogokin Popy Bullmark Takatoku Godaikin DX70
Sale Ends Friday May-29-2015 2:59:34 PDT

Rare Radar Robot Remote Control TN Nomura Toys Made Japan 1950s
Sale Ends Saturday May-30-2015 7:49:44 PDT

Rare Spaceman Space Man Robot Cragstan TN Nomura Toys Made in Japan 1950s Box
Sale Ends Saturday May-30-2015 7:50:52 PDT

1960s UFO SPACE TOY SHIP DB 3 Batt OpOr Box No Nomura Yonezawa Robot Japan
Sale Ends Sunday May-31-2015 17:30:22 PDT

Tin Space Toy Tank Yonezawa MIGHTY EXPLORER N 58 Japan Batt Op No Nomura RobotNR
$61.00 (5 Bids)
Sale Ends Sunday May-31-2015 18:00:15 PDT

$107.05 (4 Bids)
Sale Ends Sunday May-31-2015 18:44:01 PDT

NOMURA TOY Tin MECHANIZED ROBOT Robby 1950s + 1990s parts MIJ
Sale Ends Sunday May-31-2015 21:04:14 PDT

1950s Nomura Mechanized Robot
Sale Ends Sunday May-31-2015 22:41:39 PDT

Space Commando with Wind Up Motor Reproduction of 1950s Nomura Violet Color
Sale Ends Monday Jun-1-2015 11:25:25 PDT

ROBBY RUBBER DRIVE for ears and piston Nomura 50s
Sale Ends Wednesday Jun-3-2015 6:26:21 PDT

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Check out some videos on some classic Nomura tin toys from the past!

Vintage Nomura Ishi Zoomer Wind-up Robot Toy with Sparks

Vintage Nomura Blue Spaceman Astronaut Robot with remote control.

Nomura robot toy
Yellow version of the Remote Controlled Spaceman toy robot.

50s Nomura batop radar tin robot