1980s Robot Toys

By | August 1, 2012

In the '80s, the American fascination with Japanese toys and robot action figures exploded when US television broadcasted several animations based on popular robotic toys from Japan. Memorable cartoons such as Robotech, Voltron, Transformers, and GoBots quickly grew in popularity. Robots that change or transformed from vehicles or spaceships became a favorite with American kids. Many of these cartoons were redubbed and imported from Japan. For example, Voltron originally adapted two different anime series, Go Lion and Dairugger, and combined them into a storyline for the Americanized version. Also, Robotech was created from Macross and two other Japanese anime shows. These animations inspired several similar programs and toys. As a result, the 1980s was decade rich with diverse robot action figures for toy collectors.

Today, you have the chance to collect these classic toy robots from the 80s era. Relive your childhood by collecting classic famous robot toys and action figures such as Transformers, Gobots, Macross, Robotech, or Voltron for sale.

1984 Masudaya Antique Robot R 35
Sale Ends Saturday Apr-25-2015 22:38:31 PDT

VTG 1985 SPACE WARRIOR CHENG CHING Robot 15 Battery Operated In Box taiwan
Sale Ends Saturday Apr-25-2015 22:59:48 PDT

Voltron 1984 King Zarkon Vintage Action Figure
Sale Ends Saturday Apr-25-2015 23:25:12 PDT

Vintage Electronic Voice Changer Robot Kid Monster Voices 1980S NIB
Sale Ends Sunday Apr-26-2015 3:45:58 PDT

Robo Force 1984 vintage lot of 4 lunchbox action figures and record Max Steele
Sale Ends Sunday Apr-26-2015 5:19:26 PDT

Vintage Masudaya R 35 Wind Up Walking Robot in Box 1954 1984 Japan
Sale Ends Sunday Apr-26-2015 6:51:34 PDT

Sale Ends Sunday Apr-26-2015 7:16:37 PDT

Sale Ends Sunday Apr-26-2015 7:16:37 PDT

Quartz Micro Change Series Transformer Wrist Watch Hong Kong Circa 80s
Sale Ends Sunday Apr-26-2015 8:00:59 PDT

Popy Bemstar Ultraman Sofubi 1983 vinyl robot japan Bandai
Sale Ends Sunday Apr-26-2015 8:46:15 PDT

1985 GO BOTS TIC TOC FRIENDLY ROBOT WATCH No 72840 Impulse Ltd NOS Vintage
Sale Ends Sunday Apr-26-2015 10:12:26 PDT

NMIB vintage Bandai POPY Hi Metal L GAIM mecha 1 100 scale chogokin Japan 1985
$39.99 (1 Bid)
Sale Ends Sunday Apr-26-2015 10:17:03 PDT

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